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05.03.2015 09:05 Leeftijd: 9 yrs
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2015 Symposium organized by the KBVR / SRBR Osteoporosis and Fracture Prevention Group - 05-07/03/2015

Venue : Hotel Dolce La Hulpe Brussels

Programme + Inscription

Dear Colleague,

We have the pleasure to invite you to the 2015 Symposium organized by the  KBVR / SRBR Osteoporosis and Fracture Prevention Group and taking place in La Hulpe on March 5-7, 2015.

The 2015 Symposium will consist of pre-symposium bone densitometry and radioprotection courses on Thursday, March 5 (full day) and Friday, March 6  (2 hours) and the ‘Bone Curriculum’ Symposium on Friday, March 7 (afternoon and evening) and Saturday, March 8 (morning). 

The concept of the symposium has been fundamentally restructured. The symposium now integrates a continuous educational lecture cycle: The bone curriculum. 

The bone curriculum is a structured lecture cycle on bone, including general aspects, osteoporosis, bone, calcium and phosphate metabolism, physiology, pathophysiology, disorders, epidemiology, diagnosis and treatment and also addresses fracture and fall risk evaluation and interactions of the skeleton with the neurological and muscular system. 

A full bone curriculum lecture cycle is covered within three consecutive yearly symposiums of the KBVR / SRBR osteoporosis and fracture prevention working group. 

The intention of the bone curriculum is to provide high quality continuous education for clinicians interested in and treating patients with osteoporosis and bone diseases and a structured educational program for rheumatology trainees. In this context, the lectures mainly cover up to date basic knowledge, overviews and reviews. Interactive participation is encouraged.  

We look forward to welcoming you to the 2015 Symposium and remain,

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Stefaan Poriau, Chair On behalf of the KBVR / SRBR Osteoporosis and Fracture Prevention Group